John Dies at the End Film Review

This movie is good. And you can tell it’s good just by the title, or watching the trailer, or even seeing the right poster. You want to go see this movie because it’s a good movie and good movies are not to be missed. The most typical question that is asked when people talk about this movie is if John really dies at the end. And the simple answer is that you’ll have to see it to find out. And why should you see it? Why not go see something more calm and less complicated, like Silver Linings Playbook, or Oblivion? Well, why would you even consider when, in John Dies at the End, you can see ghosts communicate through dogs, supernatural meat, giant spiders, a bad rock band, explosions, paranormal detectives, and Doug Jones, who was in Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy as characters you wouldn’t of guessed were played by a human being.) So there’s a lot to look forward to, and I didn’t even spoil the plot. It’s weird. It’s wacky. It’s a must-see, and it could help you in any situation from finding your next movie for your movie night to astounding your film buff relative at the next family Christmas party. And it’s by the same guy who directed Bubba Ho-Tep, a horror movie with Bruce Campbell starring as Elvis Presley. So clearly, this guy knows what he’s doing. It’s available  on Netflix and at your local video store that totally exists. You won’t regret it.