Northampton Public Notice/Meeting Agenda, Thursday 3/14/13

THE PLANNING BOARD will conduct a public hearing in Council Chambers, 212 Main Street, Northampton:


7:00 P.M. Site Plan Amendment by Cosenzi Automotive Realty, LP to eliminate one condition at 347 King St, Northampton, Map ID 18D-51.




1. Florence Grammar School Historic Preservation Restriction Review/approval

2.  Recommendation on the following petitions for public street acceptance:

  1. Glendale Ave
  2. Cosmian
  3. Edwards Sq
  4. Strawberry Hill
  5. Isabella St
  6. Church St
  7. Lawn
  8. Massasoit Ave
  9. Taylor Ave
  10. Park Ave
  11. Edgewood Terr
  12. Bottoms Rd
  13. Meadow Ave
  14. Bright Ave
  15. Warner Row
  16. Baker Hill Rd
  17. Center Court
  18. Pine Valley Ave
  19. Bradford St Ext
  20. Bradford St North
  21. Bradford St South

3.  Minutes


See: and click “permits issued and applied for” to see the permit application files for the above projects.

Photo courtesy of Phillipstown.