From the Blog of the Superintendent

From the blog of Superintendent Brian Salzer:

We had a total of 75 participants who entered and finished the race with NO injuries and only a few bicycle chains that fell off.
We had 24 Individuals and 51 people on teams.
20-29 age group – 2 participants
Gold – Hershel Levine
Silver – Nicole Tingle
30 -39 age group – 8 participants
Gold – Salem Derby – overall male winner
Silver – Jed Dion
Bronze – Sara Harvey
40-49 age group – 9 participants
Gold – Andrew Foster
Silver – Michelle Andrews – overall female winner
Bronze – Jolie Smith
50-59 age group – 5 participants
Gold – Garrett Adams
Silver – Jon Sass
Bronze – Andrea James
Teams – 18 total
Gold – NHS – Catherine Smith, Kate Dollard & Dan Moylan
Silver – JFK – Kate Parrott, John Crescitelli & Nancy Cheevers
Bronze – RR – Sara Simmons, Greg Kerstetter & Maureen Ryan
Donations made by:
Cornucopia – Bananas
Paul & Elizabeth’s – Granola
Northampton Athletic Club – Water and financial support
Big Y – Discount on Gatorade & cups
Cahillane Auto Sales – Provided the pace car
A BIG SHOUT OUT to all the volunteers and their time, energy and hard work with all the camaraderie!
-Kelley Knight and Sal Canata – Timing coordinators
Bill Owen and JFK students: Phoebe Harder, Naomi Goldstein, Simonne Quimette, Patrick Quinlan, Hamilton Forsythe and Nikolas Smith
-Karen Jarvis-Vance – Nursing Staff coordinator
Stephanie Pick, Lisa Safron, Deb Rejniak and Kathy McCarthy
-Pauline Akers – Jackets and Medals.
-Genevieve Venne & Pauline Akers – Sign In coordinators
Patty Tosswill, Beth Brady & Deb Dietrich
-Glenda Stoddard – Water & Snack table coordination
Barbara Black, Laurie Farkas, Deidre Johnson, Beth Choquette and Janet Larson
-Donna Lawrence, Brenda M., Dawn, Maryann & Keri Camarigg – Route Indicators
-Mark McLaughlin – Pace car driver
-Michelle Mallory – Picture taker
-Amy Lebeau – Custodian
-Katie Hughe & Kevin King – Lifeguards

Photo courtesy Derek John Lee via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons BY 2.0.