Roundabout to be at the North King and Hatfield Street Intersection

Contrary to the video that was displayed the roundabout is actually located at the North King and Hatfield Street intersection. You can see below where the actual location of the proposed roundabout will be located. 

NORTHAMPTON, MA- A proposed roundabout at the North King and Hatfield Street  intersection roughly one block South from the River Valley Market will help to slow traffic and heighten the safety over the intersection, which is among the worst in the city, city officials told the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

According to Rochelle Prunty, general manager of River Valley Market, the plan for the roundabout is now is place, but it will not be built for a few more years. Prunty has not observed any accidents at that intersection, but has noted that the intersection has a high volume of fast traffic.

"I'd really like them to slow it down out here. That would be great," said Prunty.

In order to get a permit when River Valley Market opened four years ago as a new development in the city, they were required to contribute $150,000 to the town's traffic mitigation fund so that in the future, a traffic light or a roundabout could be built.

"We were going to add some traffic coming out to the [River Valley Market]  co-op that wasn't there before," said Prunty.

According to the Gazette, the $150,000 will go toward hiring an outside engineering firm to design the roundabout, while the state and federal governments will cover the remaining costs.